I created a website for Tilley's Devine Cafe Gallery

I designed and built the new website for Tilley's Devine Cafe Gallery over the first few months of 2011. The site is built using the excellent Symphony CMS and is a joy to update.

The site itself holds a huge amount of information, there's the important information about Tilley's, but also an extensive collection of concert details, photos and posters from every performance at Tilley's over the past 31 years. Over 140 performers have played at Tilley's over the years, and the list makes for entertaining reading.

There's also information about the history of Tilley's, including photo galleries and pages from the Artists guestbook.

As well as the website, I've designed a wide range of additional items for Tilley's including menus, business cards, concert tickets, customised tshirts, frosted glass panels, postcards, stickers, letterheads and more.

Main site built with SymphonyCMS.

2011 - ongoing

Visit it: